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Whether it’s a sump pump failure, ruthless visit from Mother Nature, or an experimental toddler testing the swimming capabilities of small toys in the toilet, it doesn’t take much time for water to have a seriously damaging effect on your home. In the event of a water emergency, you’ll need to take immediate action to begin the water extraction process in order to mitigate the damage, save as much property as possible, and dry the area out before mold and mildew set in.

Remember, it only takes a few inches of water to create a serious threat to your home or office. The harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by prompt and reliable water removal provided by Roto-Rooter. Our water restoration professionals are fully trained and certified to extract water in areas affected by excessive water and sewage damage. We utilize an approved process that also offers protection against germs, mold, mildew and odors. You can rely on Roto-Rooter to not only remove water but to clean and deodorize your home safely and efficiently.

Know the different types of wastewater.

Depending on the amount of water present, you may be able to begin the water extraction process yourself. Remove as much water as possible using wet-dry vacuums and pumps. Then, dry out the affected area with fans and dehumidifiers. If weather permits, open doors and windows to allow more fresh air to circulate.

Any furniture or belongings that are wet should be removed to dry in a separate area like a patio or garage. Leaving them in the affected area only serves to maintain humidity levels in the flooded area and lengthen the drying out process, encouraging mold and mildew growth. Any belongings, especially upholstered furniture, affected by the water emergency should be given at least 48 hours to fully dry.

If the volume of water present is enough to overwhelm whatever water extraction equipment you have on hand, it is vital to call the professionals at Roto-Rooter. It can take as little as 24 hours for a clean water flood to downgrade to a more dangerous greywater or blackwater situation, putting you and your family at risk for more than just water damage.



Roto-Rooter’s water restoration vehicles are equipped with state-of-the art water extraction, drying and moisture testing equipment so you can be confident that water removal process will be completed thoroughly and efficiently. Plus, Roto-Rooter’s crews are prepared to handle every part of the water cleanup process. Our professionals perform water extraction, remove unsalvageable contents, flooring and drywall, clean the affected areas, apply disinfecting agents, deodorize and thoroughly dry the structure. We’ll also work with you and your insurance company to make the water removal process a little easier and help you get back to normal.


Roto-Rooter's water removal service is performed by our water removal experts who are well-trained and knowledgeable in the area of water damage restoration. Our trained professionals receive the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)


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Your service technician installed a 40 gallon hot water heater. He was very polite and professional. He knows his job very well. He did everything I asked him to do. I needed some new shut off valves and he helped me move my washing machine. He ...

We had a fantastic experience! Your tech was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable of water removal. Our basement was under water but after his visit it will be dry for years to come.

Had a drain problem and flooding in the basement. Your techs did a fantastic job of water removal and had it fixed in about 30 minutes. They were extremely helpful, professional, efficient, and courteous. I highly recommend them.